lunedì 29 dicembre 2014


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

The Wavemakers

Justice reform outcomes in an economy of solutions.  

 The client asked me to make a piece about how government alone cannot make much of a change in social problems.  But when government collaborates with groups outside of government changes can be made.  The authors call these people or groups “wavemakers”.

Here it is the original sketches for this piece, at the end the client preferred the first option because of the more central composition that emphasise more on the Justice lighthouse.

Health care

 Rising Consumerism-winning the hearts and minds of health careconsumers
The client asked me to work on an article that addresses changes in the US heath care system. Specifically, the way the system has shifted power to the consumer, away from the doctors and somewhat, the insurance companies, by putting purchasing power into people’s hands regarding their health care decisions and purchases.This new situation put all players in a new challenge situation. According to the article consumers found difficulties to "speak" and "understand" health care and insurance language.

The client already had an idea on the creative concept, they wanted a couple, one of them should be obviously sick, and the other is helping to get them some help, and then we see lines of typography preventing them to move freely. I wanted work for this concept on two main ideas, or the couple trapped in a cage of typography, where we see from high view for a more dramatic effect or working purely on a pattern of words .
Here it is the original sketches.

domenica 30 marzo 2014

Annual AI 2014

I'm very proud for these illustrations that had been selected to be published in Annual AI 2014 !!

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martedì 28 gennaio 2014